Wavelength Media, founded in 2005, is a media production company.  We create everything from websites and printed material to the video and photographic content required to make it all interesting.

Websites are what we’re best-known for, and for good reason: we’ve been designing and developing them since 1996 when HTML was brand new… and the average website looked like a poorly designed word processing document.  Today (as you likely are aware) websites look a hundred times better, and are just as much easier to use.

wavelengthmedia.ca-green-hosting-200pxOn January 1st, 2016 we increased our commitment to environmental practices by becoming a Green web host: we buy the power used by our servers (also our offices) from BullfrogPower, who generate it from renewable resources – so if your site is hosted with us, your site is green too!

In the area of website design, we specialize in WordPress-based websites.  Wordpress is a content management system (CMS) that lets you modify the content of your site without having to pay a web designer to make every single update.  We have a number of custom CMS-based websites, from library databases to product catalogues, and even a version of a full website CMS that is still running on a number of websites.

On the content side, our Principal was trained as a video producer and worked for eight years as an editor.  This gives us the ability to shoot, edit and publish your video, giving your business a multimedia presence online.

Above all, we really like people.  We’re looking forward to meeting you, so please drop us a line to figure out how we can help make your life easier.