Business Cards

logo is the best way to have your clients identify with your brand: a logo that represents what you do will give your clients a better chance of remembering your business in a world where so many different people are competing for your customers’ attention.  Do a better job of getting their attention and you stand a better chance of bringing in more revenue.

Logo Design

Business cards are how your company can stay in the minds of customers, colleagues and people you want to hire your band, buy one of your all natural desserts, work with you or whatever your business does.  Let us design your cards for maximum impact without going over the top.  Your cards will stay current for years (until you move into the workplace of your dreams) and even then, changing an address isn’t difficult at all!

CD Packaging

If you’re a musician, you may be recording a CD soon.  Keep in mind the fact that a great-sounding disc will sell lots better with an attractive coversilk screened CDand CD tray artwork.  A homemade print job is no problem if it’s a demo, but if you’re trying to sell the disc, having it professionally designed is a solid investment.

Electronic Posters

Posters aren’t just for printing on paper anymore!  These days, it’s just as common to post a poster on Facebook or send it via email as it is to print one – and cheaper!  Why not do both?  Many of our clients are preparing a printable poster and a separate emailable image that will catch peoples’ eyes as they check their email or browse your event invitation or profile images.  We’ve been doing this for years and can help you!