Website design and creation

At Wavelength Media, we believe that a cleaner look for a website will convey your message more efficiently and concisely.  Too much information packed into one tight space makes it difficult to keep a viewer reading the content of the page, so we try to remove that clutter and let them interact with your site efficiently.  If you’re looking for a website that will look great for many years, we can help with a tasteful design that won’t be dated in a year (or two, or three).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Green Website Hosting

All our servers use renewable energy – so if you host your website with us, you’re hosting a green website and doing a little extra for the environment.

Is your site hosted with us already?  Click here to download our Green Hosting logos!

Wavelength Media's Websites

Select past clients

  • Andy Stochansky [musician]
  • Big Wreck [band]
  • [music festival]
  • FourthWall Media [media company]
  • [healthy foods]
  • Guildcrest Homes [Modular Home Builder]
  • [Military community organization]
  • Place Bell Books [book store]
  • [breast cancer fundraiser]
  • [Arts festival]