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Live Concerts

Wavelength Media has kept very busy through 2020-21 doing all sorts of concerts, including live shows from all sorts of venues.  In this case, we were asked to produce and stream the live video for David Francey’s Christmas concert in Perth, Ontario.  The show was sponsored by the Stewart Park Festival, and was held in accordance with all health guidelines.

Produced Videos

Marley Mullan is a fiddle dancer from the Ottawa area. She plays with her sisters in the group Triple Trouble, is an accomplished classical player, and as you can see above she’s a fine performer! We shot this video in just over two hours (including lighting, setup, recording and teardown) and we were able to turn this video around quickly for her so she could begin calling around to different festivals and venues.

Whether you want to embed an existing video into your website, or if you want to talk with your clients and appear over top of your website, we can do that.  Drop us a line to let us know how we can help make your video projects work for you.

Live Streamed and Zoom Concerts

We’re all used to online concerts, and we’ve been streaming concerts and events since 2016, with streaming experience back to 1998. Let us know how we can make your show better, higher quality, more engaging, and more fun for your audiences!

Here’s a concert we ran (from a technical video perspective) with Old Man Luedecke, as part of Home Routes’ 2020-2021 House Concert series. It was great because it consisted of a series of Zoom concerts from artists’ homes, which is exactly true to their history.

In February 2021 Wavelength Media partnered with the South Florida Folk Festival to bring two days of live performances (with only one show pre-recorded).  It had a “real” festival feel, was inclusive, and we’re extremely proud of it!  Pictured here: Twin Flames.

National Strum – for the Canadian Folk Music Awards

These videos are ones created for the Canadian Folk Music Awards, each featuring a song by a folk artist – and using contributions from past CFMA nominees. Each shoots video using a cell phone and we edit the video into what you see here. The instrumental audio bed is provided by the artist who recorded the original video, and the contributors record themselves singing to a guide track that we create. It sounds complex, and it definitely is – but it’s also some of the most fun we’ve ever had with a video production. Enjoy!

Video Tech Support

If you’re a video editor (professional or home user) and you’re experiencing issues with Final Cut Pro, there aren’t many people better-able to help you troubleshoot the issue.  We’ve been working with Final Cut Pro since version 1, and we’ve got years of FCP troubleshooting experience under our belts.  If you’re at a dead end, we may be able to help… so give us a call and get us to your edit suite ASAP.


In 2016 Folk Music Ontario approached Wavelength Media about creating their annual Estelle Klein Award video, celebrating the contribution of a member of Ontario’s folk music community.  We have been doing the video every year since then, including through 2020-21!