About Wavelength Media

Wavelength Media, founded in 2005, is a media production company.  We create everything from websites and printed material to the video and photography required to make it all interesting.  Websites are what we’re best-known for, and for good reason: our founder has designed/developed them since 1996.

wavelengthmedia.ca-green-hosting-200pxOn January 1st, 2016 we increased our commitment to environmental practices by becoming a Green web host: we buy the power used by our servers (also our offices) from BullfrogPower, who generate it from renewable resources – so if your site is hosted with us, your site is green too!

We create websites in the WordPress platform to let you modify the content of your site without having to pay a web designer to make every single update (it’s faster and cheaper for you!).  Over the years we’ve created many custom website features, from library databases to product catalogues, and before WordPress was popular Graham even created his own content management system (CMS) – and it’s still running on a number of websites!

Our owner Graham was trained as a video producer and worked for eight years as a full-time video editor/producer.  This gives us the ability to shoot, edit and publish your video – and create something from scratch to draw attention to your business or service.

Above all, we really like people.  We’re looking forward to meeting you, so please drop us a line to figure out how we can help make your life easier!

Graham Lindsey, owner of Wavelength Media has an extensive background in website design (since 1996), photography (since 1998), video production (1994) and graphic design (1999).

About 95% of our business is by referral, which speaks to the degree to which our clients are happy with the work we do. Please feel free to check out our testimonials to get a sense of how my company has helped companies, individuals and musicians like you.

Thanks for checking out our website, and please feel free to drop me a line if you think there’s anything Wavelength Media could do for you!

Some of our clients: