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Video can help make an impact on your website, in social media, and in searches for you online.

We can help with all of that!

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Social Media Promo Videos

To stand out from your competition on Facebook and Instagram, you might want an eye-catching video. They are more likely to be clicked and with a small budget you can easily increase your reach to thousands of people.

Here are the videos we created to promote the 2016 and 2017 Canadian Folk Music Awards. With a wealth of great performers, we created a successful marketing campaign that we’ll carry forward into the future.

In each of the videos the we selected one instrumental piece from a nominee in the 2016 (blue) video it was by PEI’s Ten Strings and a Goat Skin, and the 2017 (red) video featured music by Cape Breton Celtic music duo Cassie & Maggie.

For the visuals, we used video clips already created by the other nominees, and here’s the video we came up with – here’s hoping you enjoy it!

National Strum – for the Canadian Folk Music Awards

These videos are ones created for the Canadian Folk Music Awards, each featuring a song by a folk artist – and using contributions from past CFMA nominees. Each shoots video using a cell phone and we edit the video into what you see here. The instrumental audio bed is provided by the artist who recorded the original video, and the contributors record themselves singing to a guide track that we create. It sounds complex, and it definitely is – but it’s also some of the most fun we’ve ever had with a video production. Enjoy!

Live Concerts

Wavelength Media has been the officially endorsed video production company for Chamberfest Ottawa, recording live video at any number of the official venues (and one day, outdoors through the Byward Market and by the Rideau Canal to capture video of the various outdoor activities). Here’s a sample video of the Canadian Guitar Quartet, recorded in 2012 (as part of Chamberfest).

Produced Videos

Marley Mullan is a fiddle dancer from the Ottawa area. She plays with her sisters in the group Triple Trouble, is an accomplished classical player, and as you can see above she’s a fine performer! We shot this video in just over two hours (including lighting, setup, recording and teardown) and we were able to turn this video around quickly for her so she could begin calling around to different festivals and venues.

Whether you want to embed an existing video into your website, or if you want to talk with your clients and appear over top of your website, we can do that.  Drop us a line to let us know how we can help make your video projects work for you.


In 2016 Folk Music Ontario approached Wavelength Media about creating their annual Estelle Klein Award video, celebrating the contribution of a member of Ontario’s folk music community.

2016’s video was an extensive look into Anne Lederman’s musical past, and 2017 was a shorter video (which is a greater challenge to edit!) featuring Magoo.

If you don’t know who one or both of these musicians are, the videos above will give you a good idea of who they are and why their contribution to the community was worthy of recognition.

Music Videos

We created this video for Anne Janelle in 2013 as the first release from her album “So Long at the Fair”. Recorded and edited over a few days, this was a great collaboration and an excellent way to return to recording music videos, after having focused on more live video over the previous years. You can check out all Anne’s music at annejanelle.com.

Kickstarter Appeals

Another of our musical friends is Heather Dale. In February 2014 she launched a crowd funding campaign for a project, and she needed a video to introduce the whole project. She contacted us and within a very short time, we had arranged the shoot. We provided the location (my house), lighting, camera and a simple audio solution, and edited the video same-day. You can certainly check out Heather at HeatherDale.com

Video Closed Captioning

In addition to the more creative services we offer, Wavelength Media also handles highly technical requests and can take your television program, commercial, or video production and add closed captions to submit for local or national broadcast.  When a client was handed a spec sheet including terms like XDCAM 422, eight channel audio, closed captioning data as EIA/708, and timecode embedded in an MXF file, we were able to make sense of it and deliver compatible files quickly and efficiently.

We can extract video from nearly any digital source, and can export to most formats.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like help with a more technical video issue!

Video Tech Support

If you’re a video editor (professional or home user) and you’re experiencing issues with Final Cut Pro, there aren’t many people better-able to help you troubleshoot the issue.  We’ve been working with Final Cut Pro since version 1, and we’ve got years of FCP troubleshooting experience under our belts.  If you’re at a dead end, we may be able to help… so give us a call and get us to your edit suite ASAP.